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Company Profile

Zhong-Bang Industries Co.,Ltd.("Bang-Tec."")was originally established to develop and manufacture plastic nand metal moldings. Teh  company subsequently transitioned to the business of product design, development, manufacturing, and marketing. The main products of
Bang- Tec. include switches, jacks, sockets and all types of connectors as well as acoustics componects such as speakers, receivers, microphones and buzzers.

The manufacturing plant for the switches, jacks, and sockets is based in Guangzhou,China. The plant for the acoustics components is based in Jiangsu, China Each factory is outfitted with specialized production equipment to facilitate high precision, high microminiaturization and all inclusive production.


Bang-tec. has maintained a keen observation and focuses on the trend of supply and demand in the electronic components marketplace. As a result, Bang-Tec. has also become the generaldistribution agent for numerous leading manufactures in the industry since 2002.


Currently, the head quarter of Bang-Tec. is located in Taipei, Taiwan with brance of-fices located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Changzhou. The branch offices also provide mar-keting support, customer service, and after sales support. Bang-Tec's international customer base includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Equope.


Since its establishment, Bang-Tec. has been able to satisfy its customers' strict demands and expectations with competitive pricing, consistent product quality and timely delivery. The overwhelming supprot of our customers over the past several years has enabled continuously inprove and provide top quality services to our customers.

Bang-Tec. looks forward to become a reliable partner of your business and serve your company's needs. For inquiries, please contact our marketing staffs and we look forward to offer you our enthusiastic services.

Main Products

Bang-Tec, Inc. Professional manufacturer making Speaker, Loudspeaker, Micro speaker, Receiver, Microphone, Mic, Mobile speaker, ultimedia speaker, Two mode speaker, Speaker application, Acoustic, DC Micro Motor, omnidirectional Microphone, Unidirectional Microphone, Noise-cancelling Microphone any question about products please contact us.

Supplier Information

Bang-Tec, Inc.

TEL : 886-2-8647-2422 FAX : 886-2-8647-2423
9f-1, No.204, Sec. 3, Da Tung Rd., Shijr City, Taipei, Taiwan 221
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