IDC Header
  w 137 series  2.54mm Shrouded header with straight / angled pins & SMT Type
  w 137PF series  2.54mm Shrouded header press fit Type
  w 138 series  Ejector Header Dip & SMT Type Pitch 2.54mm,High Temperature Thermoplastic
  w 138PF series  Ejector Header press fit Type Pitch 2.54mm
  w 138-D series  Stacking Ejector Header Dip Type, pitch 2.54mm
  w 378-1 series  Low Profile header 1.27mm x 2.54mm
  w 378 series  Low Profile header 1.27mm x 2.54mm
  w 632BN series  Ejeator Header Dip/SMT Type, pitch 2.00mm
  w 635 series  Low Profile Header with Straight & Angle Pins 2.0mm pitch

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